Brianna Miluk, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC


Hey there, meet Bri!

Bri is an SLP and certificated lactation counselor whose professional focus is with infants and medically-complex children with feeding and swallowing disorders. . Bri is working on her PhD in Communication and Information Sciences through the University of Alabama with a research interest in dissemination of pediatric feeding research and misinformation on social media. When she isn't working or studying, she enjoys taking pictures of her fur babies and making reels like a true millennial!

Bri is also the owner of Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC which strives to provide evidence-based, high quality continuing education to professionals. She manages the instagram @pediatricfeedingslp and is the host of the podcast The Feeding Pod. Bri is also president of the non-profit Pediatric Feeding Disorders Foundation and volunteer ambassador with Feeding Matters. She really enjoys providing mentorship and support to professionals and families on PFDs!

Get to know a little more about Bri!

  • She has two cats and a dog that she is obsessed with - fur-real ;)

  • Her fav foods are massaman curry and crab rangoons.

  • She once went skydiving with a group of friends, except only her and one other friend went through with it!

  • It surprises people to know Bri enjoys video games (like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart)

  • Although Bri has curly hair, she used to straighten/curl her hair with a flat iron on the reg.

  • She won a marathon once, but now couldn’t tell you the last time she went for a run… but she LOVES to walk & cycle!
  • Bri believes mental health therapy should be part of annual health checks for everyone.
  • She married her high school sweetheart - they were prom king and queen lol.
  • You won't catch Bri sitting still for any amount of time. She says having a treadmill and stand up desk has been a game changer when working from home!
  • Bri loves a good musical, but if you catch her crying at the show... mind your business!

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