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Pediatric Feeding Mentorship Group


Assessment through Intervention

More than a course. It's a community.

Mentorship and support for professionals, graduate students, or CFs on pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders.

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What's included in the PFMG?


There is an option for extended access to pre-recorded modules, including updates to the course and handouts AND monthly live calls after course completion?! This means ongoing mentorship and support for your caseloads & learning. Gain access through the PFMG Membership - only available to past participants!

Course Outline

Week 1

PFMG Intro & Course Overview: 13 minutes

What is a Pediatric Feeding Disorder?: 19 minutes

Assessment: 45 minutes

  • Overview of pediatric feeding disorder & domains
  • What to include in an evaluation
  • Functional oral motor examination
  • Cranial nerves involved with feeding and swallowing

Practice Videos

  • Call to Action:¬†7.5 minutes
  • Different Types of Mastication Practice: 4.5 minutes
  • Bonus Videos! Context Specific Oral Motor & Practice Oral Motor Exam: 15 minutes


  • Comprehensive Dysphagia Assessment Tool
  • Functional OME Template and Sample
  • Cranial Nerves Resource
  • Sample Evaluation Reports - Breastfeeding, Autism, & Cerebral Palsy

Live Session: 75 minutes

Week 2

Signs/Symptoms & Referrals: 40 minutes

  • Signs/Symptoms for referrals to the following disciplines: allergist, cardiologist, craniofacial team, ENT/otolaryngologist, dentist, orthodontist, orofacial myologist, endocrinologist, dietitian, gastroenterologist, geneticist, lactation consultant, neurologist, pulmonologist, PCP, OT, PT, developmental pediatrician, psychologist, counselor, social worker
  • Common related diagnoses associated with feeding and/or swallowing difficulties

How to Network & Build a Team:  9.5 minutes

Case Studies: 7 minutes


  • Signs and Symptoms and Referrals
  • Common Related Diagnoses
  • Sample Referrals & Cover Sheet

Live Session: 75 minutes

Week 3

Intervention Overview & Responsive Feeding: 18 minutes

Experience-Dependent Neuroplasticity, Motor Learning, & Interdisciplinary Collaboration: 25 minutes

Social Determinants of Health: 26 minutes

Aspiration in Pediatrics & Interventions: 33 minutes

  • How to manage/treat, including, but not limited to: thickeners, nipple flow rates, positioning, & systematic weaning protocol

IDDSI: 18 minutes

  • International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) overview

Practice Videos: 7 minutes

  • Call to Action & Practice Identifying Intervention Philosophies in Action


  • ¬†Thickener Guide: Considerations and Contraindications
  • Intervention Philosophies
  • Bottle weaning
  • Formula types
  • Bottle nipple flow rates

Live Session: 75 minutes

Week 4

Starting Solids:  17 minutes

Intervention Strategies: 25 minutes

  • how to teach chewing
  • straw and open cup drinking
  • adaptive equipment

Tube Weaning: 13 minutes

Goal Writing: 5 minutes

Case Studies Module: 20 minutes

  • 10 case studies to practice application of knowledge & skills


  • Adaptive seating
  • Starting solids¬†tips
  • Tube feeding/weaning
  • Goal writing tips
  • Goal bank

Live Session: 75 minutes






2024 Live Call Schedules

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August, October, & November Enrollment Open Now!!

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"The information provided came in digestible chunks week to week for someone like me with little experience. I felt I was able to retain a lot of the information, and now have some great reference material for the future."

-Past PFMG Participant

 "I loved the small groups and the weekly Zoom calls. I've taken numerous pediatric feeding courses in the past but was overwhelmed by information and had a difficult time pertaining it to my caseload. This mentorship program was perfect. It broke down all of the knowledge week by week and I was able to go at my pace (especially while working full-time). I highly suggest this to anyone who wants to increase their competency in pediatric feeding."

-Past PFMG Participant

"I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn more about PFDs and the application of how to go about treating them. I feel. so motivated to go out there and be a part of a team that helps all the littles struggling with meal times. I feel more empowered to apply my knowledge. For context, I took a very popular feeding seminar and felt like I didn't even know where to begin after taking those full days of continuing education. I have really enjoyed the video calls and feeling like I have a group that I can reach out to in the future."

-Past PFMG Participant

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