Dr. Katherine Sanchez, PhD, CPSP


Hey there, meet Katherine!

Dr. Katherine Sanchez is a speech pathologist who co-owns a private practice, Protea Therapy, in Melbourne, Australia, where she works with children aged 0-6. She obtained her PhD looking at oral motor development in children born before 30 weeks of gestational age; and has also published research on communication and feeding in children with cleft palate, children with cerebral palsy, and dysregulated infants. Dr. Sanchez has a particular interest in supporting very young children with complex medical histories.

Get to know a little more about Katherine!

  • Has never broken a bone
  • Once spent a week in Turkey, but only booked two nights’ accommodation—the rest of her nights she spent on buses. Definitely an approach to take only when you’re young and full of energy.
  • Studied English literature, and medieval & renaissance history at university before getting into speech pathology
  • Loves reading, especially fantasy novels
  • Dyed her hair black as a teenager, and then shaved all her hair off a couple of years later
  • Has lived in Melbourne, Australia for her whole life—the same part of the world the Hemsworth brothers are from (She doesn’t know them though, sorry)
  • Met her husband when they were singing in the same choir
  • When she first wanted to study SLP, she assumed she'd be most interested in language development and disorders. Her interest in feeding took her by surprise.
  • Doesn't have a middle name