About Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC

I'm Bri, the founder of Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LCC (PFT) 

PFT was started after noticing a gap in intermediate to advanced level continuing education for feeding professionals that included adequate time for asking questions and mentoring on specific cases. 

Meet the Team

Originally, Bri started out on good ol' Instagram in late 2020 after seeing an abundance of misinformation and lack of research to support claims and therapeutic recommendations. 

Quickly, it developed into creating an approachable, supportive, and often comical space for feeding therapists and families alike. This generated the creation of the Pediatric Feeding Mentorship Group - the original PFMG which launched in February 2021!

Now, there is The Feeding Pod, Interventions Course, and the Advanced PFMG, which includes 4 other pediatric feeding therapists, who share the research and their expertise on specific niches in pediatric feeding disorders.


Additionally, Bri has been invited to speak on pediatric feeding disorders and social media as an SLP for state, national, and international organizations, which is something she learned she REALLY enjoys doing!

All this to say - thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting this endeavor. And thank you for being part of the change to help families and their children with PFDs receive the high quality clinical care they deserve!



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